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 Membership & Insurance

Your Signature Health membership has you covered!

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Signature Health - The Premier Healthcare Management Group, employs the “Concierge +” model, created by us, personalized specifically for YOU, our members. Members in our community enjoy having a Personal Healthcare Assistant (PHA), Nurse and Medical Provider assigned to them, who will navigate the confusing and frustrating pathways of the healthcare industry. Community members of Signature Health, pay a minimal monthly fee - when broken down, is JUST a few dollars a day. The cost associated to the membership, permits Signature Health to address every need a member may encounter as a patient from annoying telephone calls too long waits at crowded urgent cares or hospitals.  Concierge +, permits us to bring ALL the care our members require right to their family room. From primary care or urgent care, 24/7 - our community is catered too, in luxury and convenience. 


Should a member present with a healthcare need in which a specialist is required - there PHA is there to address all the arrangements from making the appointments to filling out the tedious paperwork. Upon your arrival, the specialist, imaging center or physical therapy center, will already be in possession of your most current insurance information along with required documents as they have been prepared for you by Signature Health. The purpose is to ensure your visit is immediate and timely.  Your arrival will be meticulously planned and your presence will be anticipated as we are in continuous communication with the individual site. The use of your insurance at these costly centers will assist in protecting you from the ever increasing price of healthcare. 

Healthcare Simplified.

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