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At Home IV Administering

Extensive wait times at the emergency room are a thing of the past.

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Extensive wait times at the Emergency Department, imaging centers or laboratory centers are a thing of the past.  As a member, You have the fortunate pleasure of having the X-Ray completed at home from the comfort and convenience of your home. Ultrasounds, Blood Work, PCR and rapid COVID testing all performed at home. Should you require medication that is not attainable at your pharmacy we can bring it to you. 

Signature Health even performs IV administration of medication whether it be for wellness or to address an ailment all while you relax from home. 

We even have the ability to perform certain skin procedures using cryotherapy from home. Our objective is to incorporate real time vitals through our biometric technology managing all your acute and chronic healthcare needs from the happiness that is your home. 

The services we provide to our members are:

24/7 Access to Healthcare Provider

Virtual visits - Sick and Well

Cancer Screening and Prevention

Women and Men's Health

Professional Healthcare Manager

Medication Refill

Medication Reconciliation

Online Medical Records


Weight Loss with Body Composition Analysis

Point of Care Testing

Lab and Diagnostic Testing

IV Infusions Unlimited Once every 2 mos. Once every 6 mos.

Avalon AI

Predictive Analytics

Stem Cell Therapy



Medication Administration (initial dose)

Home Visits Unlimited Once every 3 mos.

Global Travel Insurance

Holistic Care

In Home Care Assistance (1 day post discharge)

Car Service

Prescription Delivery

Personal Healthcare Provider Advocate (optional)

Mental Health Management

Pediatric Healthcare Management

Let us prove that with regard to healthcare...

You never know how bad you have it,

Until how good you have it.

Healthcare Simplified.

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